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Yıl:1989; Cilt: 17; Sayı: >> Özet
Psikoloji Çalışmaları; 1989;17():85-100
Türk ve Amerikan Değer Sistemlerinin Karşılaştırılması
N Ayvalıoğlu
İstanbul Üniversitesi, İstanbul
A Comparison of Turkish and American Value Systems
The aim of study was to examine similarities and differences in values between Turkish and American populations. 151 Turkish respondents diffeiing" in their social stratification and residence in Turkey were drawn and the translation of Rokeach value scale's E form was administered. The American data was obtained from the published results of an American national survey which used 1409 respondents. An overall comparison between two samples' values showed; first, two samples' «terminal» values -the goal in life- did not differ as much as they did in the means to attain these goals -instrumental values-. Second, analysis of both rank ordering of values and ran?king differences of values showed differences in the value system of Turkish sample and American sample. Differences and similarities in value systems of the two cul?tures were discussed with referance to certain features of Turkish and American cultures; and the Westernization process which is still in progress in Turkey.